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Beijing Horizon Sports Medicine Clinic is a medical clinic specializingon sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Horizon provides professional, attentive and excellent services and builds a bridge for internationally advanced medical resources and Chinese patients, always employing the most advancedmedical techniques and treatment skills inthe world. Horizon provides the latest information of orthopedic medicine, sports medicine and rehabilitation, surgical referral services, as well as the best conservative treatment and rehabilitation services for patients who desirebetter lives and professional athletes needing to recover to their peak conditions.

Horizon not only builds tight relationship with well-known Mainland Chinese orthopedics and sports medicine specialists, but also cooperates with many top professional medical organizations worldwide. Doctors of Horizon consist of Beijing-based chief expertsand periodically visiting overseas doctors.Specialists of Horizon havetheir own specialties. Therefore, whether you are suffering from cervical vertebra diseases, lumbar vertebra discomfort or foot, ankle, shoulder and wrist diseases, you always can find the most experienced expert in Horizon to make authentic diagnoses or make rehabilitation plans. Horizon will make the most appropriate arrangement for your operating surgery in China. If you decide to have surgery abroad, you can get overseas service escorted by rehabilitation doctors of Horizon.

Patient is the core of our service. In Horizon Sport Medicine Clinic:

Daily Beijing-based orthopedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation experts’ consultation service provided.

Provide home diagnosis and treatment service. ( Prior arrangementnecessary)

Periodically overseas visiting sports medicine doctors’ monthly visit.

Comprehensive physiotherapy provided and rehabilitation with experts’ guidance.

Sports injury prevention assessment and personalized exercise prescription for professional athlete-class sports enthusiasts.

Keep updating the latest international clinical talents, techniques and information to provide patients the most accurate and effective surgery or treatment suggestion.